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Presentation Tools

To help you be an Ambassador for Nursing, we have developed the following PowerPoint presentations. If you do not have access to a computer for your presentation, we recommend an overhead transparency presentation, or you could make photocopies for distribution.

  Elementary Middle School High School / Young Adult
Ages 9–11   12–14   15–24
Grade 4th–5th Grades   6th–8th Grades   High School +

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About the Tools
"Nurses Know That"

(Anatomy Game)PowerPoint presentation (4.5 MB file)
"Nurses Can Do Anything" PowerPoint presentation
"Nurses Know That" (Anatomy Game)PowerPoint presentation (4.2 MB file)
"One Choice, A Thousand Careers"

PowerPoint Presentation (2.6 MB file)
  Having trouble downloading? Please contact us by email or call 415-640-2434.
Create interest and curiosity about the nursing profession
Influence young people to see nursing as a career option
Influence young people to choose nursing as their major for college
These programs were designed to stimulate conversation, therefore, they are not fully scripted. Your personal nursing experiences will greatly enhance and add credibility to your statements promoting nursing as a career. Here are the key message for each program:
  Show that nurses:
Are experts on the human body
Function in many different roles
Know a lot about good health and what causes diseases
  Show nursing as:
Fun and exciting
Doing good
Cool friends
Lots of choices
Go anywhere
Nurses are cool


  Show that a nurse:
Is a professional
Has choices
Does good/makes a difference
Makes friends
Has flexibility
Is part of a diverse group of professionals
Can travel and see the world
Can make a good income
Has job security
"Let's Practice Being a Nurse": A hands-on activity which includes taking the temperature, checking the pulse, and/or checking blood pressure.
Video: "Nursing the Ultimate Adventure" from the National Student Nurses Assoication
Great resources from the North Carolina Center for Nursing