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Nominate a colleague for the RN Ambassador Award

RN Ambassador Survey

Your outreach efforts are greatly appreciated. We'd like the opportunity to thank you with a gift. Please provide the following information:

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Please answer the following questions.

1. What is your overall impression of the RN Ambassador program?

2. Did you make any presentations in 2005? If yes, how many?

3. Who was the audience?

School, elementary, middle, high school
Career Fair
Other (Please state: )

4. Did you use the powerpoint tools that we have on our website?     Yes No

    4a. Were the tools helpful? Yes No

    4b. What suggested changes to the tools do you have?

5. Did you distribute any marketing/promotional materials?
    Yes No

    5a. If yes, what were they? What other materials, if any, would
    you add?

6. After conducting your presentation, did you complete the Stats and Facts sheet on the website? If not, what support and/or incentive would you need to complete it?

7. Did you do the presentations on work time or on your own time?

8. How does your management team support you in your effort to do outreach work?

9. What support and/or incentives do you need to continue doing your outreach work? (Check all that apply)

CE Credits
Ceremonial recognition
Other (What other incentives? )

10. Additional comments:


We hope you enjoyed your experience as an Ambassador for Nursing. We thank you enormously!

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